Vol 9, No 3 (2021)

Collaboration: Why Some People Do and Some Don’t?

Dennis Ridley, Inessa Korovyakovskaya, Felipe Llaugel


Collaboration is the mechanism by which some communities of human beings have accomplished extraordinary feats of engineering, science, technology, entrepreneurship and economic growth and development. While intelligence is a required component for success, it is not sufficient. Economic growth is a measure of improved potential for standard of living. Despite evidence that collaboration works, some communities fail to develop a functional level of collaboration and economic development. All this where collaboration, not intelligence is the distinguishing factor. This paper utilizes the prisoner’s dilemma to investigate factors that might present obstacles to collaboration and how they might be alleviated.

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Collaboration; Entrepreneurship; Capitalism; Economic growth; Game theory; Prisoner’s dilemma.

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Volume 9, Issue 3
Year of Publication: 2021
ISSN: 1857 - 8721
Publisher: EDNOTERA

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Ridley D., Korovyakovskaya I., Llaugel F.: Collaboration: Why Some People Do and Some Don’t?. Journal of Applied Economics and Business, Vol 9, No. 3, 31-53. (2021)