Vol 5, No 3 (2017)

Migrant Crisis in Macedonia

Toni Stankovski


Macedonia due to its geo-strategic position is a transiting route for the illegal migrants, who driven by safety and economical reasons are making efforts from the countries of the Middle East and Africa to immigrate to some of the Western European countries. In the months of July and August 2015 there was a drastic increase of the number of migrants entering and transiting through our country, which increased the concerns in terms of safety and humanitarian treatment. The large influx of migrants caused more frequent disruption of public peace and order and deterioration of the safety situation in the populated areas, mostly on the southern border. In order to cope with the newly arisen state-of-play, the Government in August of 2015 declared a state of emergency on the southern and northern border due to increased proportion of entrance and transiting of migrants through the territory of Macedonia. In this paper, the author shall elaborate on the general aspects of refugee crisis, as seen from the aspect of acting of police in all stages of coping with the state of emergency, starting from monitoring the situation, collection of data, grading and appraisal of data, taking precautionary activities, early warning, management and cooperation and coordination of the Police with the remaining Subjects in the crisis management system.

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State of emergency; Coordination; Cooperation; Migrants.

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Volume 5, Issue 3
Year of Publication: 2017
ISSN: 1857 - 8721
Publisher: EDNOTERA

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Stankovski, T.: Migrant Crisis in Macedonia. Journal of Applied Economics and Business, Vol 5, No. 3, 5-10. (2017)